Here is what people are saying about SODELO:

"To director James Allen Anderson and the entire orchestra for a job well done!On Saturday, August 5, I had the opportunity to see the Southern Delaware Orchestra (SODELO) concert at the Epworth Methodist Church. As a new resident of Sussex County, I wanted to see what the cultural atmosphere of the area is all about. I've been a visitor to the Lewes and Rehoboth Beach areas all my life, and was a part-time resident here in the early 2000s. Things here have grown as we all know. But of the performance on Saturday and I must say this: I WAS BLOWN AWAY! The 45 musicians - all amateurs, all ages, and all musical abilities - performed a challenging program of classical and light popular music for 90 minutes to a packed house (possibly 500?!) of extremely enthusiastic supporters. The group was formed just over a year ago and is clearly satisfying an itch for both musicians and lovers of music in the region. Was it a perfect performance? It didn?t have to be. The love of performing by the musicians was overshadowed only by the overwhelming outpouring of cheers and applause at the end of the concert. I can't wait to see them again in December! Congratulations."
- Michael Resnick, In The Cape Gazette

"So happy to be able to support this wonderful organization. What a great addition to our performing arts in southern Sussex County."
- Bobbi G.

"The concert was great. I was really impressed with the quality of the music. It was an enjoyable night and I am glad I got the opportunity to attend the event."
- Gary C.

"This was a fantastic concert. I truly enjoyed the variety in selections - from classic to standards. Just wonderful."
- Denise T.

"Wonderful experience. So glad we came. The music was superb. What talent in this group!"
- Kathy S.

"The performance exceeded all expectations. Can't wait for the next concert series."
- Deborah S.

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