The diverse backgrounds of our musicians range from the Coast Guard to Google, from Germany to Milton, and from professional musicians to middle schoolers. Some of us have been playing every day since we were children. Some of us hadn't played for decades before we joined SODELO. But we have come together as a community, sharing our passion for playing music, and for bringing classical music to the community. We are a very talented "no audition" orchestra, and hope you will join us on stage, or in our audiences! Click on the links below to learn more about some of us!

Justin Chou, concertmaster
Diane Coffin, assistant concertmaster (Click For More)

Diane Coffin, assistant concertmaster

Diane Coffin resides in Lewes with her husband of 49 years. She was born and raised in Philadelphia and began studying violin at age 4 with her great uncle Armand DiCamillo, a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra. She received a BS in Music Ed from PSU and a MMEd from Temple University. Diane taught strings in the school district of Philadelphia for 39 years. Additionally she maintained a private studio and was on the faculty of Settlement Music School. Mrs. Coffin freelances with two string quartets, was a member of the Lansdowne SO, SPSO and the DE County Symphony. Diane loves the beach, dancing and socializing with friends.

Edward Cedar
Melissa Carson
Cecilia Conway
Eva DelGallo (Click For More)

Eva DelGallo

Violinist and SODELO co-founder Eva Delgallo was a foreign language and music teacher in her native Germany before she came to the USA forty years ago. She was the founder of the Berkeley County Orchestra Program in Martinsburg , WV which, at the time of her retirement had five full time string teachers and 600 string students. Mrs. DelGallo has a busy private studio in Lewes and teaches violin and cello for the Music School of DE for their Milford branch.

Sigrid Evers (Click For More)

Sigrid Evers

Sigrid Evers is a 16 year old violinist and 11th grader at Milford High School. She began as a Suzuki violin student at age 8 at the Milford Branch of the Music School of Delaware, where she studies with Jacob Colby. At the Music School of Delaware, she participates in chamber music and enjoys giving back to the community through offering free violin demonstrations at Milford festivals and events. In addition to music, Sigrid also enjoys long-distance running.

What does SODELO mean to you?

Being a member of SODELO means that I am a part of a welcoming, positive community that loves creating and sharing music. SODELO has been a wonderful experience since the very first rehearsal, and I am thankful for the opportunity to play my instrument alongside so many dedicated people. There is always so much joy when we perform, and I hope to see the orchestra continue to grow!

Barbara Hedges-Goetti
Geoffery Gray
Mary Hudson (Click For More)

Mary Hudson

In addition to playing violin with us, Mary Hudson has been a US Coast Guard Captain, Milton town councilwoman, correctional officer and counselor, adjunct professor, substitute teacher, certified journeyman farrier, and much more.

Melinda Verde, principal
Jeffrey Indrisano, co-principal
Laurie Andes
Madison Bullard
Stephen Greifer (Click For More)

Stephen Greifer

Stephen Greifer is a co-founder and second violinist and has been playing and promoting music for many years. His experience ranges from playing in the West Side Story pit orchestra at his college under his good friend Joe Church, who went on to be music director for The Lion King on Broadway, to organizing Martel Cordon Bleu cognac's sponsorship of Sir Georg Solti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (that's Steve and Sir Georg above). Stephen ended a 30 year break from playing when he joined the Westchester Amateur Musician's Orchestra in NY, and that experience has helped inspire and shape the approach to Sodelo.

Daria Kellar
Mary O'Connor (Click For More)

Mary O'Connor

Mary O’Connor has played violin since the age of fourteen. She has played in several community orchestras throughout the years while living in Pennsylvania. She loves being part of SODELO and also has two of her own students participating in the orchestra as well. Along with playing for SODELO, she is a local pet sitter and co-owner of Beach Bum Babies Pet Sitting.

Caroline Olewiler
Olivia Passwaters
Cynthia Stepowyj
Walter Stepowyj
Barbara Tasevoli
Carol West (Click For More)

Carol West

Carol moved to Delaware in 2006 with Ed, her husband of 46 years. A retired math teacher, Carol had just begun taking violin lessons in Maryland.

She was lucky enough to be able to play for several years with the Dover Symphony once she moved to Delaware, all the while continuing with lessons.

And now she's loving playing with SODELO, this wonderful new orchestra. Another love of her's is the Osher Lifelong Learning Program where she takes classes and loves teaching English Country Dance.

Jerri Williams

Frederick Geiersbach, principal (Click For More)

Frederick Geiersbach, principal

Violist Fred Geiersbach is the Director of Instrumental Music at St. Andrew's School in Middletown, where he has a raging music program involving over 100 of the school's 315 students. He directs the school's first full orchestra, which he created when he arrived at the school two decades ago, as well as the jazz ensemble. He plays and teaches every single instrument in the orchestra and is frequently invited to guest conduct high school orchestra festivals nationwide.

Diane Baxter Neutzling, co-principal
Charles Bachman
Susan Bartley
Leland Wood

Anthony Gizzi, principal (Click For More)

Anthony Gizzi, principal

Tony Gizzi leads our cello section. He has been the cellist of the Shrewsbury String Quartet since 1998. The quartet has averaged over 200 gigs each year. In 2014, they moved from the Philadelphia area to Lewes.

Stephanie Tsantes, co-principal (Click For More)

Stephanie Tsantes, co-principal

I started playing the cello in elementary school in Virginia when string instrument classes were offered to all students starting in the third grade. I picked the cello because I read a book with a character in it that played the cello. I spent many years taking lessons, playing in youth orchestras and giving cello recitals. My father’s military career meant there were frequent moves and different teachers and orchestras along the way. By high school, I played with a group of professionals in the Virginia Sunday Pops Orchestra in Virginia Beach. While I pursued a career in law, I played throughout college and law school. When I first moved to Lewes 28 years ago, there was no opportunity to play with any organized group. Eventually through word of mouth, I ended up playing with a group of seniors in Rehoboth who played harpsichord, flute and recorder. I called it my Tuesday Night Music Group. Between my day job as a trial attorney and twelve years serving on City Council in Lewes, I eventually found I did not have time to play anymore and for about a decade I did not touch my cello. Thankfully, I saw the Facebook postings about a new orchestra forming in Southern Delaware and decided to give it a try.

When I attended my first rehearsal for SODELO, I was not sure i could tune my cello or still read the music on the page. Much like riding a bike, my cello playing has returned and i am so glad to have music in my life once again.

Ellen Gibby
Kimberly Leisey
Jacob Lev
Robert Moyer (Click For More)

Robert Moyer

Cellist Dr. Robert A Moyer has been practicing Rheumatology in Delaware since 1989 and established Infusion Solutions of Delaware, LLC in 2006. He’s been named one of Delaware Today's Top 100 Docs on multiple occasions. Dr. Moyer is past president of the Dover Symphony Orchestra and a fellow in the American College of Physicians. He serves on the advisory board for Opera Delaware and is a part-time organist at Saint Jude the Apostle Church in Lewes, Delaware.

Ruth Myers
Mary William Smith
Steve Van Order (Click For More)

Steve Van Order

Steve started on violin in third grade, moved to cello in fifth, and bass in high school. He played electric bass with full- and part-time rock and pop bands in the DC/MD/VA region. Once his career was well-established he studied double bass with Paul Johnson on weekends at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore and joined the Towson Orchestra. Last decade, while living in West Virginia, he took up cello again, formed a duo, and performed in the Eastern Panhandle and nearby Maryland. In 2017, after moving to Rehoboth, Delaware, Steve joined the cello section of the Dover Symphony. In 2020, with his old duo partner he formed Duo Different and plays cello, electric bass, and sings. In recent years he studied cello with Jennifer Stomberg and César Colmenares at The Music School of Delaware. Steve is a former board member of Coastal Concerts in Lewes, DE. He is head cheerleader for his wife, poet and artist Anne Barney.

Jim McGiffin, principal
Domi Sanchez
Robert Thomas, co-principal

Cindy-Lee DiMeglio
Marcy Parykaza

Phoebe Marvel

John Gottdiener
Sarah Greendoner
Mary Jane Vanvestraut

Karen Brumbaugh
Susan Newark

Anna Ramon
Aidan Hudson
Deborah Hunt
Mike Marotta
Jill Mears

Galen Gish
Kimberly Gora-Buck

David Czepukatis
James Tobias

Brian Cox

Scott Litzenberg

Copper Fenton
Christian Watland

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